Last night, I saw this on my professor’s wall. I got curious because whenever he says “one of my best students”. S/he is indeed the best! So I hurriedly PM-ed my former professor’s student and asked his permission so that I’ll be able to post his words of encouragement in our blog. I want you guys to somehow feel what I felt. :)

Hi, classmates! So sir asked me to say a little bit of something that would hopefully encourage you to study harder given that we only have a few weeks left before finals. As much as I do not want to sound cliche, which, apparently, I think I would later on (LOL), I just hope that this post can shed some light on some of the difficulties you may be facing with the subject right now, and/or give you that extra push to do better in the remaining exams hehe. So here it goes:

I would probably start off by saying, do NOT compete with and compare yourself to others. We are all different in the way we study and how fast we pick up the lessons. Regardless, study because you want to learn, not because of the grades. I am not saying that getting an uno should not be your utmost priority. By all means, let it be, but not solely. Don’t get me wrong but all i am meaning to say is focusing too much on getting a high grade tends to blur your learning process. You get blinded by your overly desire to ace the tests that you fail to realize why you want this course so badly in the first place. Don’t you notice, when you’re too GC, a single mistake in an exam depresses you? Or when your seatmate gets a higher mark than you do, you feel like jumping off a cliff? An overdose of GC-ness and too much competition is unhealthy. It inhibits your learning. Not to mention that it is mentally and emotionally devastating. Let go of some. Learn because you want to learn. Learn because you believe that accountancy is interesting. Learn because you see yourself as one of the best CPAs of our country in the near future. Learn the right way and notice how the high grades automatically follow.

I firmly believe that being part of an Accountancy curriculum is NOT a question of whether or not you are capable and knowledgeable enough to understand the lessons. We all are. And besides, we all have the same 24 hours per day, so insufficient time is not really an excuse. I think the more appropriate question to ask is this: how much do you really want to be an accountant. How worthy are you to take hold of such title? I strongly believe that merely wanting to become a CPA for the sake of the license and to finally append those well-sought three letters at the end of our names are not strong enough to keep an accountancy student survive the next years of this rigorous curriculum.

Accountancy is not just a profession. Accountancy is a lifestyle. It is an investment, and there is no better time to start investing on it than today. FinAcc will be the foundation of our higher accounting subjects.

Getting a good grasp of the lessons today translates to a more effective and efficient learning in our harder subjects later on. So, yes, we have a few days left so start working on proper time management and discipline. Konting push na lang iyan, guys. Ipasa natin ito lahat nang sabay-sabay!!!

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"Kapag wala ka nang masagot, inhale-exhale ka muna. Close your eyes and say a prayer and He will give you wisdom. -Sir Rodel Roque"

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Sila: Ikaw lang sapat na
BSA students: Dos lang sapat na

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Talking about expertise.

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“As you become an expert in “the debits and credits,” don’t neglect to develop your leadership and relational skills. Many of the biggest challenges that you will face in your career will not be accounting questions. Rather, they will be people-related issues.” ~Toby Joplin, CPA; Controller for R.L. Hudson & Co. in Broken Arrow

In the real world of business, you’ll encounter not just the cases you’ve solved during your college years. What you have passed in the exams are just a little part of the actual profession. The problems you have computed and solved are just 1% of the actual business concerns, that validating it is too tedious than a two-day academic examination. Your professor’s tons of advice may be applicable to just one issue. The stress you’ve experienced for four years to five may be just the stress you’ll feel for a day.

How to overcome these? Well, honestly, that’s the nature of it — it is toxic. What you can do is adjust and embrace the nature of being in business and consider the importance of communication, in order to minimize your stressful job.

One importance of practicing your profession is being open-minded to all your colleagues. Even the competitor may help you gain your knowledge. Doing business may be a financial competition among industries, but professional growth among the people doing the business is not. It is individually measured.

Today, employers are getting too wise in choosing their people. They don’t just look for your expertise with the profession, but your ability to communicate to people. What you’ll encounter most are people and their thoughts that differs from each other. The world of business is too wide when it comes to people’s ways of thinking. There may be standards, but the people complying with those still add issues as the need arises. What will help you best on weighing the words and numbers are two things — your integrity and self-trust.

Aside from your efficiency at work, you’ll get more effective if you develop your inter-personal and relationship skills. Don’t just be the walking calculator with little batteries, be the speaking calculator powered by absorption of both solar energy and energy from the batteries.

Charge yourselves, accountants!

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I guess this would be my last blog post here in Tumblraccountants bago ako sumabak sa board exams this coming October. Actually, aside from posting answers to queries ng iba nating members, hindi na ako masyadong nakapagpost ng other accounting stuff dito simula noong fifth year. Siguro dahil nagiging busy na ako, at tatlo ang dahilan: una, sa pag-asang makapasa sa Accounting Integration subjects namin; pangalawa, ang maka-graduate na sa school namin as a BSA student; at pangatlo at ang pinakaimportante: para maging CPA na.

Nagawa ko na yun unang dalawang dahilan, natagalan nga lang sa una dahil nagka-bagsak-bagsak ako dati sa Accounting Integration namin at kailangan ko pa siyang ulitin the following semester; at sa pangalawa nadelay ang pag-graduate ko dahil nga dun. Technically, graduate na ako nito lang May 2014 (na dapat April 2014 kung hindi dahil sa back subjects ko) dahil may diploma at TOR na ako na pang board exam, pero hindi pa po ako nakakapagmartsa (December pa po kasi eh.)

At ito na ngayon: work in process na yun pangatlong dahilan: ang maging CPA. Pero kumpara sa dalawa, ito na ang pinakamahirap. Siguro dahil napapagod na ako kakaaral, dahil simula fifth year, dumaan ng summer, at diretso sa review center na, iyon na ang ginagawa ko. Wala pa akong mahabang pahinga at bakasyon. Pero dahil kailangan, tiniis ko ang pagod, mabalikan lang ang mga bagay na kailangang tandaan bago ako sumabak sa October.

Siguro yun iba, medyo napapagod na rin sa pagrereview. Pero hindi talaga iyon dahilan para tumigil. Sabi nga, maghirap ka na ngayon kaysa maghirap ka pa kinabukasan, dahil pag ngayon ka naghirap, darating ang bukas, dadali rin ang lahat.

Sa mga magtatake ng board exam katulad ko sa October, sapat na siguro kung ano man ang hirap natin para sa exam na ito. At sa araw na bubuklatin na natin ang unang exam natin, sana maisip natin na sa dami ng napagdaanan natin, maaaring ito na ang umpisa ng pangmatagalang ginhawa para sa atin.

At tandaan natin, PUMASA man tayo o BUMAGSAK, hindi pa natatapos ang buhay natin sa exam na ito. Tao pa rin tayong humihinga, CPA man tayo o hindi.

I just hope that on my next post here, I would have already got my three letters:


- Pol Moises Gregory Clamor

Question from Anonymous

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Good evening! I'm a graduating student na BSA, pero kung kailan last year ko na, dun pa ako nawawalan ng motivation at nadodown. Feeling ko I'm not good enough in my subjects kaya naiisip kong baka di ko kayanin ang board exam. Lalo tuloy akong tinatamad na mag aral. Any advice or motivations please?

Isipin mo na lang yun mga previous years mo as a BSA student. The mere fact na umabot ka ng fourth or fifth year, ibig sabihin nakaya mo yun first three or four years, nasurvive mo na siya. Ngayon ka pa ba susuko, e lumalapit ka na papunta sa finish line? :)

Isipin mo rin, paano ko kaya nagawa yun tatlo o apat na taon na iyon? Kung ano man yun ginawa mo noon, mas pagbutihan mo ngayon. 

Motivation? Imagine yourself becoming a CPA in a matter of time. Kung anong ginagawa mo as a CPA. From that oversight, starting today, make it happen and never surrender. :)

Question from Anonymous

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Ano po ba pinagkaiba sa GAAP ng Accrual, Revenue Recognition at Matching Principle?

ACCRUAL BASIS: yan yung sinasabi ng GAAP na “revenue is recognized when it is earned regardless of collection; and expense is recognzied when it is incurred regardless of payment”, ibig sabihin narerecognize ang revenue or expense pag naganap na siya, pero di mo kailangang makolekta or mabayaran agad. Kabaligtaran niya si Cash Basis, na kung saan, kolekta muna bago kita, or bayad muna bago gastos.

REVENUE RECOGNITION: actual isa yan sa component ng accrual basis of accounting, yun revenue is recognized when it is earned regardless of collection

MATCHING PRINCIPLE: yan naman yun kapag nakapag recognize ng revenue, kailangan mo siyang tapatan ng expenses or costs. Halimbawa, nagbenta ka ng cellphone, e di revenue yun. Ibabangga mo siya sa costs niya (like materials at labor ng paggawa ng phone, advertising, rent sa store nila, personnel, etc.). Imposibleng wala kang nagastos sa nabenta mong phone kasi violation yun ng matching principle.

Question from Anonymous

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updated po ba ung income taxation ni ampongan? ung 2012. tska matatanong nb sa oct 2014 cpa boards ung revenue regulations na inissue nung 2013 at 2014?

Dahil noong July 2014 CPA board exams, killer subject ang BLT, definitely, may chance na lumabas na yun mga latest na Revenue Regulations.

Then about kay Ampongan, take caution lang pag magsasagot kasi baka may mga nabago na, since 2 years ago pa ang book na yun. Mas maganda talaga na kapag Tax, latest edition ang babasahin mo. :)

Question from Anonymous

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Hello po ^.^ Im a 4th Yr. Student and malapit na po akong grumaduate.. Balak po kasi namin ng mga kaibigan ko na kumuha ng BSAccountant, Ahmm.. pwede po bang makahingi ng magandang advice? Gusto po talaga namin mag accountancy. Kaya lang po ang sabi nung mga classmate namin eh mahirap daw po un.. kaya bigla po kaming nag alangan.. pwede pong pahinging ideas kung ano pong dapat naming paghanda? At dapat ko pong gawin ^0^ ~~ Thankyou po :)

Disclaimer: Tama, hindi talaga madali ang papasukan niyo, pero…

First of all, walang course na hindi mahirap. Pero one of a kind ang BS Accountancy kasi iba yun hirap niya, yun tipong nakakachallenge talaga pero pag nalusutan mo siya, very fulfilling.

Second, para maging successful sa course na ito, develop an analytical mind, yun tipong kaya mong paikut-ikutin ang mga bagay, kasi ganun sa Accountancy, need mong mag analyze ng problem solving. Not needed na magaling ka sa Math; add, subtract, multiply, divide saka exponent lang naman yun e.

Third, develop your English comprehension especially in reading. Malaki ang advantage kasi pag nagegets mo yun binabasa mo sa pagsolve ng mga problems.

Lastly, ayusin na ngayon pa lang ang study habits, kasi anlaking bagay niyan sa course na ito. Advance reading is one of the most effective way of having good study habits. Pero wag muna kayo magbasa ng Accounting book habang nasa high school pa kayo. Masyado pang maaga. Pag nagstart na ang college, saka niyo siya umpisahan.

God bless sa tatahakin niyong landas as a future CPA :)

Question from Anonymous

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hello po! ok lang po ba mag-ojt sa government? like BIR ganun? saan po mas maganda, government or private? at maganda po ba for a fresh graduate/newly licensed CPA na magtrabaho agad sa government? thank you! :]

Hello! Nag-OJT rin po ako sa government agency more than a year ago, specifically sa PAGIBIG Fund. Noong una ang impression ko talaga is tagatimpla lang ng kape ng boss or something. Nagkamali ako. Dahil marami ka talagang matututunan sa accounting processes nila. :) Lalo rin sa BIR, mafafamilliarize ka sa mga tax forms na pinapasa nila sa inyo, dahil in the future, magaayos ka rin ng tax returns para sa client mo as a CPA :)

Okay rin naman na magstart ka kaagad sa government as a fresh grad/CPA, nasa saiyo naman yan. :) Although some of CPAs na kilala ko, nag auditing firm muna sila ng ilang taon before joining the government. At maganda naman ang resulta :)

Question from nikolei25

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Mahirap po bang imaintain ang 2.0 or higher na grade sa accounting?

It depends sa mga factors tulad ng school, professors or study environment. Depende rin sa student.

Pero I’m sure most of the people who are now graduates and CPAs alike napagdaanan nila iyan. So, kung kinaya nila, KAYA MO RIN :)

  • hi, when kaya mag start nang reservations para sa oct. 2015?
  • : (((
  • #TheExcited
  • hi poh. i am now a fourth year student. I have a few questions about the review center San Jose Recoletos (Cebu) because my family might send me there. Ok lang ba doon mag review? I am worst in P2 kasi. please enlighten me folks. I badly needed it : (
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